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What it is to Be...

Sinking in misery

I curl around her

Arm around waist

Holding hands

Feet warming the other's 

We eat the silence

Embracing essence.

Crying in silence

Loving her 

Wishing for better

For less heartbreak

Greater kindness

For her. 

Breathing in hair

The hair

Smelling like mine

Our colors blending

The eyes matching

Noses just alike. 

Hearts different

Yet seeing

Just knowing 

I don't wish 

Her heart

To understand

The pain of mine.

She and I 


Her so sweet

Already begging 

To understand


Pain shouldn't be 

I don't want tears

For they shatter

They speak of things

She is to beautiful 

To see

To feel

To crack from 

To mend up.

Chin on shoulder

Knees tangled

Listening to breath

Feeling her breath

We inhale together

And I know 

What it is 

To be "sister"

Poem 224 ~ 4/5/2015

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