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Ald Idunn


The Damsel

I hold this blog in my possession. I hope for a better world, to reach my goals and to hold my loves close to me. I love reading, writing, film and my dear family and friends. 

My name stands for "the generation (or time) of rejuvenation". If you look at Norse mythology you will see my namesake, Idunn, is married to Baird, God of Poetry.  

The last couple years have forced me find where The Damsel fits in my life. Space has been made for her, but only in the past. Married to my dreams, I seek to make sense of myself and life through writing. As the past becomes more distant, I can now relish the rejuvenation I have received. With any change comes pain but also new possibilities. I refresh this blog in accordance and I come forth ready to share my ideology, thoughts and writing. 

The Damsel Other_edited.jpg

I held this blog under my wing from birth until 2017. I identify as being a person full of imagination, hope, and dreams. When you read my posts they are coming from a mid-latter teenager who was unsure of her place in the world and utilizing the pen to make some sense of it. 

In my posts,  I was trying to be as kind as possible while seeing through a Mormon/LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) lens. I truly believed in the doctrine and found my writing to be greatly impacted by this. 

While space is made for me on this blog it is because I was a person who existed and holds a place in some hearts. I have made way for a new ideology, thoughts and writing. While Ald Idunn holds respect for me and who I was... I am no longer. So please take my words in stride as simply memories of a past self that are held with loving respect. 

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