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Shield and Sword

With my arms

     I have tried to protect you

     I told you

     Of my joys

     So my wounds

     You couldn't share

     I petitioned to God 

     For him to give you wonder

     My prayers were themed 

     Asking for you to be free

     If I was in pain

     My heart would soar

     Thinking that you hurt not

     That you were innocent

     In my dreams 

They take you

     And it is I who comes

     When they prepare their knives

     I come to you

     And they watch me 

     Hungrily they watch

     And I give myself for you

     I take your pain

     They torture, eat, hold me

     And my only joy

     Is knowing they cannot touch you

     In life I would do it

     I would take pain

     The pain meant for you

     It wasn't until now that I saw

     The greatest pain

     My arms can't deflect 

     Is me

     And that eventually I must leave

     My arms cannot shield 

     For they are the pain

     I sacrifice myself 

     But my sacrifice hurts you

     Last night I dreamt 

They I gave myself to

     And the greatest pain

     Was feeling your eyes watch

     There was no joy

     And your eyes

     They hurt the most

 Poem 89 ~ 3/14/2013

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