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Introvert VS Extrovert

     I think it interesting that people like so to make ultimatums and generalizations. I find it interesting and amusing. Like Dumbledore said, "We have all got both light and dark inside us." I think it is silly when people say things like, "she is always happy," or when people say, "If you want my love you have to treat me well." The thing is that their rarely is such defined things. Who can 'always' be happy?  Who can treat someone well all the time?

     This is a strange intro to what I actually want to say...

     What I actually wanted to talk about (as the title indicates) is myself when compared with the titles 'introvert' and 'extrovert.' Here is the thing... I wouldn't really describe myself as either.

     Now, I know that a lot of people would laugh at this. However, it is true. Many people tend to see me as the very essence of an extrovert. However, sometimes I exhibit very introvertly like qualities. Sometimes I just don't want to see people. I am often scared of people I don't really know. Sometimes I am shy about talking about my opinions. Often I imagine a 'social event' as just chilling with a couple of people rather than having a crowd over, and even more often I'd just like to curl up with a book.

     I think it is interesting how some people are in fact definitely and most legitimately an 'introvert' or an 'extrovert' yet, even though most people seem to be a sort of mix, everyone is judged to be one or the other. I seem to think that people are a good mix of both, and that how they act simply depends on different variables. 

     Maybe though, at heart, everyone really is one or the other and most people simply adapt so that we all get along better. Maybe things are not as they seem, and the generalization, that English professors seem to hate so much, is actually very close to the truth.

     Now I have reached the place where I have gone in a circle with my thinking. But, I remain firm in my belief that most people have a bit of both in them. In everybody, there seems to be a bit of the introvert and the extrovert, in general. For what reason or how the pieces of both things come to be in people, I don't know. However, I have a bit of both and I think most people do.

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