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Why is it?

     While pondering life, and the greatness of it, I realized something. It must be one of the greatest common ironies of life. This irony being, that the people closest to us, are often the ones we express ourselves the least to.      When I say express ourselves... I don't just mean by talking, I mean, simply making things known in a straightforward way. Often, I will express to a perfect stranger, "Hey, I really like your hair." Sometimes, I will even praise a person's choice of book or music. However, how often do I tell my own family that I like how they’re dressed, or say, "I love that TV show! I am glad we can like it together."?

I think that sometimes, we forget to not take those close to us for granted. I will often get caught up in something, and forget to mention things because it seems 'obvious.' Such as, I obviously liked the present I gave this kid, so why should I mention that I think he looks dashing wearing it? Well, sometimes, the things that seem simple, and not necessary, can be the things that might bring the most pleasure to someone. I just go around assuming that my friends know how much I love hanging with them, because I try to make it happen regularly. But, why don't I ever just take 5 seconds and tell them? It can't be because I'm "too busy" because who is too busy to take a moment to say something? However, the fact is that I don't mention the little things that make me happy. A friend told me that I should write a list of things that make me happy. At first, I was going to list blessings, however, then I thought about it, and I decided to write about things that are simply... nice. It is very strange to look at it and realize that many of these 'nice' things are things that I could say thanks to people for... Such as when somebody saves me a seat in class, or has a place they want me to sit; being invited over to somebody's house to hangout; and being asked to dance, even if they felt like it was a little late to ask.      There are SO many things I could say that make me happy, and that I've never even thought to thank my family, or friends for... So, I'd like to take a moment to tell everyone who has touched my life in some way: Thank you! My parents, my siblings, my extended family, and my friends... you all deserve to be thanked. Maybe someday I will get better at voicing myself to those who matter. Starting now, I am going to try and get better at it.

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