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Two Stories One Illustration (Part 2) With Art by Kiluminvti

    If you haven't already read Part One (click here to read) you might ask, "What does this title mean?" Well let me explain, this post is apart of a collaboration with the artist Kiluminvti, and writer A.J.Tawil. In this two part series two stories are told. The first is featured in a previous post and is written by A.J.Tawil. The second story is shared below and told by myself. Each story is unique and separate from the other, only linked by the fact that they are both inspired by what our imaginations saw when we viewed the following illustration done by Kiluminvti

     Without further ado, I present my story: 

    Slowly her fingers curled around the ribbon.  

     Her head caught in a cloud of ribbon, her shoulders brushed with it. Her hands couldn't help but let it wind through them. When had it appeared? Who knew. Some said it had always been with her. Some whispered that it had appeared out of the blue. But no matter how people imagined it came into being... the fact was that it was. Had she ever tried to rid herself of it? No! For she clung to it, as it was her uniqueness. None could claim, nor even remember, someone who had such a beautiful highlight of color. Especially one that floated around, and about, and with them at all times. 

     Often people traveled to see this lady with the flowing ribbon. It fascinated them. The young men spoke of how it highlighted her graceful shape. The mothers clucked and worried about their own daughters who were "not so naturally gifted." This lady never thought to tell of how sometimes it got in the way. Of how she might be trying to help with chores, and instead she would catch in the ribbon. As time went on, she didn't even think much of how it tore her away from work. What was work anyway, when she had something that drew people towards her?  

     Now though, she sat. Slowly her fingers curled around the ribbon. In days past she had often thought outside of the ribbon. Outside of letting it fascinate her. But now, it no longer just drew her away from work. It drew her away from reading. Sometimes away from friends. Once she had cared, now she let herself get caught in looking at the shimmering red of it, whenever she wanted. Lately, as long as she wanted.  

     In fact, she couldn't stop looking. Because really, wasn't all that she was? It was beauty, it was special, people found her to see it. So wasn't that what she should focus on? Slowly her fingers curled around the ribbon. Not knowing her own thoughts and the questions brewing. Her fingers curled around the ribbon. She just knew it felt like everything. Her fingers curled around the ribbon. 

     Slowly. Curled. Around. Like the drowning of a mind. 

     Loosing herself in what everyone else could see. 

     Forgetting to be...


Thank you for reading! 

Want to read Part One of this collaboration? Click here

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