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The Change Fear


     Most people think of it and immediately get worried about things such as college, retirement, moving, death, or perhaps simply getting rid of a few things. We worry about so many things. "Will it be a good change?" "Does it need to happen?" "Are things better now?"

     There are so many things to worry about. So many things to think about, but change seems to be one of the top things we think of and let consume our thoughts. We give it a life of its own. We worry about if the new school will be too harsh, or if we really will need that power tool in a few weeks, or years. Life is so full of fluctuating pieces that we must re-arrange, and yet we can't know until later what kind of picture the pieces are making.

     In my mind, the fear isn't really of change at all though. The change is of the unknown that surrounds or lays past the change itself. We get stuck in right now, because it is known, and comfortable. Some people may argue to say that their presence is very uncomfortable, but often these same people aren't happy with the idea of change either. In a way, I think that many times, its not just the joys but also the pains that make us comfortable. 

     How can pain make you or I comfortable though, you may well ask. Well, I think that it is not necessarily the pain of something that causes us to be comfortable, but rather the fact that we understand it, and that it is expected, and known which makes it comfortable. You settle down into your little rut of being called certain things, of dealing with the kid's rooms not being clean, (or to be more extreme) of being beaten by your spouse. However, somehow you find a sense of comfort in that because you know what that kind of pain is like. Granted I could be wrong... but I think: 

     We fear moving away from things we know. We fear what we don't understand. We fear the unknown. Change brings these things we fear thus, to some level, we fear change.

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