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The Annoyance Theory

So, I was thinking. (I know, I know. It's surprising, please don't fall off your chair yet.)

     So now that we established that I was thinking, I'll tell you what about it. Its pretty earth-shattering... just to put that out there...

     I was thinking about how people seem to annoy people rather a lot. Like your best friend forgets your birthday, and you think,"What the heck? Are we even friends?" Or maybe it was something completely different that annoyed you. (Maybe it was the fact that your iron man suit proved a little bit faulty.) Who knows.

     But, what I actually was thinking about, (besides daydreaming about being the iron man...) was why certain people annoy us more than others. More specifically, why does family always seem to get on each other's nerves? I mean, we are supposed to be a happy family, each other's best friends, the people who are always there for each other and all that. So, why does it seem like people's biggest fights are with their siblings, and their largest grudges are held against parents? Why do teenagers get along with their friends, yet when their at home they want to (or do) zone out?

     Well, while I was thinking I realized something. It makes perfect sense that our family, or best friends, would be the people who annoy us the most, yet that we still like the best too. The thing is that everybody annoys us at least once, at some point in time. The people that we spend more time with annoying us more, not because they are simply more annoying, but because we are around them more.

     Pretend somebody's annoyance level is a proper percent. So everybody's annoying 5% of the time. Well if you barely hung out or saw the person, that 5% would mean barely anything. However, if you were around the person a ton (like every day of your life up till now) then that 5% would be rather significant. It would mean that every year you'd spend at least 438 hours being annoyed with them. That doesn't mean they would be over big things, but that you'd spend a rather good chunk of time every year being annoyed with them.

     Why? Not because they are particularly more annoying then the friends you see at church once a week, but because you simply spend more time with them.

     So dear parents, siblings, and best friends of anyone. When somebody gets annoyed or upset with you, understand its just a passing thing. Make up, say your sorry. Cause if you don't then you may ruin the great 8322 hours of friendship or family love that is just around the little bumps of normal problems.

     Make sure that when your happy with your parents, or siblings, or best friend, that you tell them how awesome they are and how much they mean to you. Don't let the little things get in the way of something that can last.

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