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Progress but Same Old

Every step of life has its own milestones. In my life, turning 12 made me a young woman, 16 allowed dating, 18 was full of voting rights. At some point I finished reading Harry Potter, I bought my first car, I got engaged. For everyone their milestones are different. For me, I decided to add education as a part of my life journey. Due to this, I now face a rather big milestone in that journey. I am finishing my undergraduate degree. As of December 20th, I will have graduated with my Bachelor's.

Everything in me is brimming with the tense anticipation of being able to say "I've graduated". But even as I look forward to having passed this milestone, nothing in me feels the thrill I feel I ought to when I verbalize "I am graduating." There is no adrenaline rush to be felt.

I cannot help but reflect on other milestones as this occurs. While hitting new stages of life, or accomplishing certain things is exciting and brings change to one's life... most of these milestones come after a long trek.

There is no thrill of accomplishment or sudden life shift, as these things have come to me after much work and knowing the milestone that would come. Besides, unlike hiking a mountain, there is no peak to summit and reflect on the view. At least, for the kind of person I am, there is no sudden "I'm done" there is simply a question of "what is next".

With this in mind, while there is no rush of excitement in accomplishing my Bachelor's there is joy and contentment. While I continue to have plans for a continued climb in education and life goals... I can look out and see that I like where my life is now. I need no peak when the views are good from here.

So with joy and contentment, I can say "I am graduating!"

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