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Peace Flutters

Peace Flutters

An illusion of obtainability

Just out of reach

Sometimes brushing my finger

But only in that fateful moment

Before something falls

I drown inside of myself 

Tears run

Wishing for something 

For peace

Poem 190 ~ 12/29/2013

My soul reaches out to those in pain. Those who have lost family, friends, or acquaintances. Every turn of the earth clocks pain. Humans forget to have humanity. Pleasure is gained from hurt. Hatred is confused with religious zealousness. Fear of difference fuels violence.To those in France, I extend my heart to you. I mourn with you. To all the world, I cry for peace. 

     People can do such beautiful things. How strange it sometimes feels to see the other side of the coin. 

     Why can we not have peace? Why can we not learn to respect differences and not hurt others because of them? When will we learn to treat others as ourselves? How can me learn to all love? 

     No matter how much we wish... peace is an idea. It is never a true and global reality. The fact that so many strive for it is folly and beauty in itself. We reach out hoping fingers to those in pain, to those who hurt others, to those who love, and those who hate. We hope for the change that cannot be. Yet, by doing so we make our own reality that much better. We help those who we can touch. Peace and love, no matter how delusional it may seem, is something worth reaching for. For even though it may never rest upon the world all at once, we can create something worthwhile. 

I drown in myself, for I mourn with those who mourn.  

     Let us mourn, hope and reach for peace... together. 

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