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My Best Friend and I

     So, everybody has that group of friends that they are pretty cool with. Ok, maybe not everybody... but you know what I mean. There's a group of friends you can have fun with, and it's all fun. However, then there should be the person that you can talk to, and talk to, and still talk to, without feeling like your being as annoying as you probably are. My best friend has to probably be Maggie. She is the coolest person ever. She's beautiful and talented, and super funny and nice.

     I wouldn't say we are "two peas in a pod." I mean... we got our differences. We got lots of them. But, we defiantly go together like... brown and pink, fries and chocolate shakes, and like sunny days with blue sky's. We just... work. 

     So, we are pretty darn weird together. Especially when I'm slap-happy, and we are both super tired. So, our next big thing, is we are working on a quote book. Some of these come from friends of mine, hers, or ours. However, lots of them are just us coming up with things on the fly.

     So here's some of what we got so far:

"The universe works with us."

"I can't do that..."

"Don't you love people of all races?"

"I like to just handle the egg."

"I sleep better with you."

"This cycle of a conversation has been re-run... several times."

"Whaa chaa chaa!"

"I'm thinking about you all the time."

"I know many references. Some of them are applicable."

     We know who came up with which ones. We know which ones are by friends, and which ones we made up based on what somebody else said. Most are just Maggie and I. Yes, we do love people of all races, and no we don't sleep together, and we often re-run through conversations. We are besties and those quotes just sum up some of our weirdom.

"This presentation was brought to you by Mag's, and My awesomeness."

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