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Heart in Hand

Talking with a friend, we found ourselves discussing the state of his relationship with his girlfriend. As we spoke he stated, "I just feel like I just keep giving my heart, but it isn't being accepted. Obviously it is, since she and I are dating... But it's like I am giving my everything, and they aren't appreciating it." The response I gave him was one that I have found all too often to be true. With friends and people I truly trust I have encountered the following.

    You extend your hands, offering up your heart, and the other person looks at it. They see it, and they say they like "that part" and "this part." You offer them the whole of your heart, and they simply like or love parts. So, they accept the whole thing. But they are truly only accepting certain parts and pieces of you. It hurts because you want them to take it... but really you want them to look at your offering and for them to look up into your eyes and say "I love it. I love all of it. Thank you!"

    At the time I wasn't dating anyone, so I felt this conversation was more for my friend’s benefit. However, as I thought more about it I realized... I am both the offerer and the person who says, "I like this part." I offer my heart to myself, and my whole life I have never looked into my eyes. I have looked at the heart and told myself that I only like pieces. I like when I produce a good poem. I love when I manage to make someone smile. But, I have never looked over my whole heart, looked into myself, and said, "I realize your humanity, and that you are weak like all others are at times. Yet, I love you. I will love the whole of you."

    I am my own hurt. Everyday I cannot help but have my heart in sight of my own judgment. And every day I judge. I don't think I am the worst of people, but I sometimes say things to myself that I would never tell anyone else. Why? I can look at others and give them the benefit of the doubt. But I know myself, and thus I don't give myself that benefit.

    Maybe the key, however, is to look at the whole of my heart and realize, I am trying. My hands offer up. I wish to accept. I want to love myself. For to love is to respect, trust, and be comfortable with. To feel at peace is a part of loving yourself.

     I offer myself my heart. In my hands it has lain for years. The faults and the strengths wishing to be equally understood and seen. And I see them. I see it, and I love it. I love all of it. I wish to help myself to become stronger. But, I will lead kindly and I will learn to love more fully. For peace in my own head and skin... that is the beginning of all I want.

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