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Firefly, or Rather, Perfection

Sometimes when I watch something, and more often when I read something, I get this strange fluttery feeling. It's not like this giddy feeling, but its something that I feel when my mind says That was really good. To be honest, I don't get that feeling a lot. In fact, I get it rarely.

     One thing that gives me this indescribable feeling is a show that I was introduced to a while ago. The person who introduced me was my wonderful mother. She was the one who said we should start watching Firefly together. However, I watched the first episode with my Grandpa, mom, and dad. The first episode is awesome. It is also about 85 minutes long.

     The first time I watched it I was sitting next to my Grandpa. I still don't know if the fluttery feeling was because I really liked that first episode or if it was because I was really happy to be watching something while snuggled up next to my Grandpa... whatever the reason it was amazing.

     That was two years ago though. So, in February (If I'm remembering correctly) I re-started watching Firefly. When I say I re-started I mean that I watched the 1st episode again. But guess what?! It gave me the same exact feeling... again. And every episode has given me the same feeling at one point or another.

     My conclusion: Firefly is Perfection.

     Second conclusion: The people who stopped funding it clearly had/have no brain... and if they do it just makes it worse.

     My heart is breaking over the fact that there is only 14 episodes/1 season. Every moment of those 14 episodes is worthwhile. My Grandpa loved Firefly, and I can see why.  It is perfect because of just how deep the characters are. River and her brother Simon are perfect together. Mal's loyalty to his crew, and how they return that affection is beautiful. The relationships between the different characters are amazing. And this is only half of it. There is also the setting, and plot which makes everything more interesting.

Firefly, you are perfection. Netflix, thank you for having it on instant play.

     Everybody, if you have time to watch a little less then 1,700 minutes of perfection then you should watch Firefly... if you don't I am sorry for you. Truly sorry. However, you should at least watch the sequel movie, which makes perfect sense even if you haven't watched what there is of the show. It's perfection too, although it's called Serenity, not perfection.

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