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Age Equals Wise?

     We age as the clock ticks steadily onward and around the clock. But what does our age mean? Why does it matter? Does it make as much sense as measuring time?

     Schools divide kids up by age, determining which aged children are ready for learning this kind of stuff and that the younger kids are ready for other stuff. Our society divides people up by age. 21 year old's can drink. In New York, 16-year-olds can get driving permits. Children suddenly becoming teens when they turn 13, and thus are thought to do certain things, because they are "that age."

     Our culture thrives on categorizing by age. But why?

     I think most people like to think that the passing of time, and becoming older, gives you wisdom. That with the higher numbers come a higher level of wisdom. We determine that school-aged children aren't yet wise. Whereas Grandparents are wise.  I think people now are starting to begrudge this system. Teens don't like how parents always think they are right, and parents don't like their kid's grandparents to barge in and try to help them parent. We like to think that we already are wise, that we know enough to get by all right.

     But isn't it childish to think yourself wise?

     Maybe wisdom shouldn't be measured by age then. For you can be an adult and still act like a child. But perhaps our wisdom, our capacity should be measured by our ability to make decisions. Perhaps the question shouldn't be is my child old enough to make that decision but do I think my child has the wisdom to properly make this choice. Or perhaps we should let our children make choices and then judge future things by how well they made the last choice.

     Age, of course, is something important but maybe we should adjust our views of what a child, teen, and adult are.

     Perhaps we shouldn't look at a 15-year-old and say "They are a teen." Perhaps we should get to know the said 15-year-old and then judge by how wise and capable of making decisions. Although we will probably always have to rely on age to help us divide kids up in school, and such things.

And now, I have officially over thought this. 

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