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A Case for a Pseudonym

     Lately I have been getting some feedback/questions about my use of a pseudonym. Some think that it is silly of me to hide my personal identity, and physical features and assure me that, "one of these days you will grow comfortable with yourself." Others simply want to see what I look like, and think it would be more personal to know my name, and to have my age posted somewhere. Some people have accepted this and others are a little bit more desirous for me to change my view on this.

     I would like to first attest to the realness of my blog. Everything I post is truly my thoughts. I am very comfortable with my self. I share my opinions, emotions, views, and (dare I say it) bits of my soul with you. I am perfectly honest. Nothing I post is "fake" or said to conjure up more views. Just because I go by "The Damsel" and I choose not to show my face, that doesn't mean I am hiding my mind or heart.

     The main reason I chose to adopt a pseudonym and not present pictures of myself on my blog, or any other linked profiles, is because I wished to keep away distraction.  There are two sides to this.

     The first being, that I don't want myself to leave off on writing. I don't want to slide into doing a "selfie blog" or something similar. Compliments are very appealing to me. I love to be called beautiful, or thought attractive. Sometimes (on personal social media accounts) I find myself caught up in how many "likes" a picture will gain. I occasionally catch myself thinking of how I could have received more "likes" if I had done something different with my hair, or the lighting. I think this is something others can maybe relate to as well. However, despite the naturalness of such feelings, I don't want to get caught in that kind of thinking. Not here, where my goal is to try and share my thoughts and ideas in a well spoken manner.

     This leads to the other side of distraction. I don't want my physical self to distract readers from the content I provide. When you come to read I want you to read my words and not to get caught up in physicality's. Gender is pronounced by my pen name. But I leave my race, exact age, hair color, height, and anything else physical up in the air. From my writing you may be able to gain a general sense of who is behind the words. However an exact portrait of myself, and my physical attributes are not presented. I want you, as my reader, to follow me because you thought I portrayed, or said something well. Not because I have a decently nice body; or because it is correct for those in my culture to think a certain way.

     In essence, I chose pseudonymity because I don't want to feel the distraction of pride. I choose a pseudonym because I want you, the reader, to take in the words, thoughts, and ideas portrayed.

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