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This is Me on Learning

I believe in learning: learning about science and history; math and grammar; the arts and anything in between. Since that time when I first started to read, I began to understand what learning was. Learning is the process by which you soak up knowledge. It is something you can do while in a formal classroom or while playing as a child. You can learn from simply reading a novel or from scrutinizing everything you can find about a specific topic.

     All cultures and societies around the globe have been built by each generation’s knowledge. Humanity has been structured around leading individuals’ knowledge and what the current generation has learned from the past. What we learn is important because it will help shape us, those we talk to, write for and teach.

     I believe in learning because it is the way my ancestors and all of mankind can tell me about themselves. Charles Darwin and Einstein have given a part of themselves so that we can build on what they discovered. Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens have shared, through writing, their take on the world that surrounded them. Isaac Newton made a whole mathematical system, calculus, that is still used today.  

     When we learn we take part in a process that is ancient and ever-changing.

Everyone learns in a slightly different way. Some learn visually, others learn through music, and some by moving while studying, while others learn in many more diverse ways. Still, we can all learn. We can learn and then teach, so that others may learn about the world from our perspective. Then we can also become a part of the immortality of learning.

     I believe that we will take our knowledge with us when we die. Thus, learning and gaining knowledge are important not only for their value during our life on earth but also for their value afterlife on earth. What we learn will affect who we are forever.

     When we learn it intertwines us with the whole of humanity. It adds a layer of polished knowledge to the time of tomorrow. It can help make the world a better place than it was yesterday. We must learn so that we can help future generations move a step farther than we can.  

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