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The Gossamer Lenses

All of us look at life through a figurative camera. We zoom in on certain things, like religion, family, careers, or perhaps something else. We let these things take up our main focus. We march through life only seeing things through our camera. Some, however, use their camera to look all around them, while some aren't quite interested in looking around them at all.  

We all look at something, on this path of life, that somebody else has already looked at. Many people before you or I have looked at a book that I love. But, they would have described it differently then I would. And even you who may have read the book when I was reading it, may have hated it when I adored it.  

     None of us see the same thing. All of us see the same thing differently. We all look through a gossamer lense.  

     A fine, fragile veil is our lense. It changes how we all see the same object. It tints life and gives us something different then what our neighbor is seeing. Our lense twists and shapes reality, so that what we see is really reality-through-a-veil. Our gossamer lens is formed of background, culture, religion, education, and personality. These things can be ever-changing but they always affect how we see the world. They are a fragile gossamer lens placed on the cameras that we use to look at the world. 

     This gossamer lens is what makes people so interesting, so diverse, and worthwhile to speak to. If we all saw things the same way we would all have the same opinions and we would probably find each other extremely dull, although easier to get along with. Everyone has something to offer, due to this gossamer lense, everyone has something interesting to say. 

     In this day and age of technology and quick communication, it has become easier for people to share with others what they see through the gossamer lens. Some can speak eloquently while others share things more bluntly and with less spice.

     My hope is that I can share, in a not-so-boring way, what I see through my gossamer lens.

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