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Thank You!

     Recently I hit 3,500 views. It hit and I was freakin' out. (Yes spell check claims that "freakin'" isn't a word... it is people. It is.)

     I was just so pleased. My thoughts have been taken in and considered 3000+ times! I was just like, "Did you see that? Are you seeing this? Oh my goodness... maybe I actually can write interesting things!" And this, clearly and most logically, led to Twilight.

     I mean.... "write interesting things." What is that? Twilight gave teenage girls everywhere something easy, wanted, and fluffy to read. Kinda like whipped cream. Who doesn't like spraying rich, creamy, fluffy, digestible whipped cream into their mouth?!? Okay... maybe those allergic to milk... but you get what I'm trying to say. Twilight was written poorly, it came in a cheap can, yet it fed teen girls what they wanted complete with a cherry on top. As a generalization girls want to be seen, desired, loved, and know that there guy will be proud of her, and fight for her. Bella had nothing interesting about her. So, if it could happen for her, couldn't it happen for anyone??

     Twilight was a classic, and rather potent case of giving an audience what they want.

     Bleak House, and Les Miserables however are examples of books that didn't give what an audience what they wanted. Instead they gave what was needed.  

     They gave thought, and talent, rather then sugar coated desire. 

     So when I go to my blog to update, check, and write new content... and I see that I have now reached the thousands. I look at it and hope with all my heart that there are views because what I say is actually interesting, thoughtful, and lovely.

     When I first started this blog, I really wanted to get my ideas out. I wanted to let my thoughts be read. That dream is being fulfilled, and it has gone infinitely better then I thought it would. I now have more then 3 views... From my mom. I have over 3,000 from people I know, and those I don't!

     Thank you to all those who have viewed, and will view my thoughts. I love that, even for a brief moment, our souls can be joined through my writing and your reading. 

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