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Appreciation Post Update

     Since hitting 200 followers, this blog has continued to increase in traffic. I have met some really cool people, and have received some lovely comments here, and on GooglePlus. I feel blessed that my voice can be heard, and that I can share bits and pieces of my thoughts, views, and world with all of you.

     A little bit ago I promised my 200th follower on GooglePlus what I dubbed an "Appreciation Package". I wanted to update everyone and let you know what that looked like. Thus, here it is: 

     To everyone, thank you! I'm so grateful for how far this has come. Via GooglePlus I have passed 280,000 views, nearly hitting 400 followers, and my posts keep increasing in the amount of +1's I receive. It blows me away that there are people who enjoy reading what I post, and who want to come back for more. Thank you so much for your support!

#Appreciation #SocialMedia

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